Happy Faces

Reviews from happy pet owners!

Andee Aragon

I can’t emphasize enough how WONDERFUL the Shampooch team is to their clients! Not only are they excellent at what they do, but they are amazingly thoughtful. Sheena and Kevin have been grooming my dogs for years, but our oldest one passed away a few months ago. Since then, they have gone above and beyond to make sure he is still remembered when we go in. They are not your typical groomers...Shampooch is SO much more because there is love involved! Your dogs will be with the best of the best when you go here!

Jodi M.

They did an amazing job with my puppy today. This was his second ever grooming session and the first one didn't go well. When I took my pup in-today he was a hot mess as the last groomer could only get his face and fanny done. Shampooch did an amazing job and my crazy dog didn't have a scratch on him and is so handsome. Thanks guys for your amazing work you do. You truly have a gift!!


Ramona-Devaun Mitchell

Wow!! This shop is amazing! The customer service you receive is like no other. They listen and care about your pet like if it was there own!! My baby boy came back to me looking like a million bucks!! He loves going there, he jumps out the car and runs right in!! I am so thankful to have found a one of a kind place to take care of my baby!! I know he will be loved,spoiled and taken care of there!! Thank you sheena and crew!!

Jessica Harmon

Our goldendoodle was WAY overdue for a cut. He was pretty matted (embarrassing). The gal at ShamPooch was great. While she was informative on increasing the frequency for haircuts, she was never condescending or made is feel judged. She took very good care of "Gus" and he came home looking smelling great. Our whole family (including Gus) was thrilled.

Greg Gallegos

They are fantastic, I have never had a bad experience. They do an absolutely wonderful job cutting and taking care of my dogs. My dogs are always happy go go inside and see the groomers. They are always friendly and their prices are extremely reasonable. I will continue taking my pups there. A+++

Robin F.

Love Shampooch! They ALWAYS take good care of my pups and they always look amazing when they are done! Not sure why the guy gave it 1 star because they wouldn't let him wash his own dog.......I mean they're groomers!  Regarding the other 1 star, obviously I wasn't there, but I can't hear Kevin saying that in a serious manner. Oh well.......I recommend them!

Roberto Martinez

I've been taking my dogs here for the past 6 months. The groomers love my Dogs and my Dogs love them. Quality service for not top dollar. Real affordable.

Bethany Renfrew

So happy with Shampooch! My dog looks amazing and they were so kind with her! Had a not so good experience at another groomer in the area so I was so pleased to find Shampooch. Thank you!!

George Fick

Love the inexpensive methods of do it yourself dog washing you can do here. Our pup always comes out smelling and looking great for a good price. They have grooming services and plenty of baked treats too!

Joyce McKeon

I Absolutely Love ❤️ Shampooch! Sheena and Kevin have made me feel so comfortable about taking My Dakota to be groomed. Even if I don't need him bathed they proved me with services and advice for his overall care. I'm so glad I found them!

Amber May

So great! Both dogs are clean and Kort was so nicely de-shedded! Happiness! Thanks, Kevin and the rest of the team at Shampooch!

April Faith Lusk

Kelli took care of our furry babies. Everybody at Shampooch were totally awesome. It is a clean, organized and happy environment which is important since our pooches have nervous shakedowns every time we leave the house.

Linda Hinton Murray

Sheena is the best groomer I have been to. She and her crew love the animals as they are theirs. Love this group of people.

Patty Sorahan

Sheena, Kelly and Kevin are the best. They care about us customers and do a great job with our pets. The pets are at ease at Shampooch. It's not just a service, they truly care and do great work...

Melody Weir Travis

I absolutely love the groomers at Shampooch! I lost my very special groomer and struggled through finding a new groomer. And then I found Sheena! Absolutely love her and her staff. But most important is my Zoey loves them too! I highly recommend them!


Shampooch is wonderful! Kevin is always so helpful and makes sure you leave happy. And Sheena is amazing with Simba. He always comes home looking and smelling like a million bucks!!

Robert S.

I went here for the first time with my (LARGE) pup. He could be a very intimidating dog, but the team at Shampooch won him over! It took a couple of hours and he was clean, shiny, and de-shedded. He even smelled really good, two thumbs up to these guys for taking the extra step. Their pricing is reasonable also. I think I will continue to use their services over petco or petsmart

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